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Best Invoice Factoring Companies

Wish to jump straight to the answer? The very best invoice factoring company for many individuals is definitely BlueVine.

Unpaid invoices are usually part of running a business. It’s a frustrating and unfortunate truth for small business owners everywhere.

You rely on them to pay your bills, purchase supply, and fund all of the some other operational costs of in operation. But if your business has delinquent invoices and you’re reduced on cash, you need to think about invoice factoring.

What is invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring happens when your business sells qualifying unpaid invoices to a factor just for upfront cash. You’ll generally receive anywhere from 70% to 95% of the value whilst paying a factoring fee until the invoice is paid.

Note: It’ s not the same as a traditional company loan or business line of credit.

If you’re thinking about getting instant cash for your unpaid receivables, this guide will help you find a very good invoice factoring company for your business.

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The particular 7 Best Invoice Factoring Companies of 2020

Invoice factoring can be a confusing topic to most small business owners. And with so many different companies to choose from, finding the best option for your corporation can feel a bit overwhelming.

Fortunately, I have already done all of the research for you.

  • BlueVine
  • Paragon Financial
  • altLINE
  • Triumph Company Capital
  • Breakout Capital
  • TCI Business Capital
  • Riviera Finance

I’ll give you an in-depth review of each corporation as we continue through this guide. This will help you find the best choice to your requirements.

Best Bill Factoring Companies Reviews


Visit BlueVine

  • Factoring lines as much as $5 million
  • Easy and flexible
  • No long-term contract
  • Apply quickly on the web

Utilize Online

BlueVine has delivered more than $6. 5 billion in money to 125, 000+ clients. They’ re one of the most well-known and reputable invoice factoring companies out there.

They offer business lines of credit, business term loans, and of course—invoice factoring.

BlueVine offers factoring lines of up to $5 million. Factoring rates start at just 0. 25% per week. The approval process is fast. For businesses that need cash right away, you can get approved in just 24 hours.

The funding process is easy and flexible. You will have the opportunity to get higher credit score limits based on the strength of the customers. BlueVine’s fees are usually transparent, so you always know exactly how much the factoring will cost you. Instead of collecting recurring payments, they charge a weekly fee that’s due once the invoice gets paid.


You’ll have full control over what invoices get sold—only account what you need without committing to a long-term contract.

Here’s how the process functions:

It takes less than ten minutes to apply online. You provide a few fundamental details about your business, then the software approval process takes up to 24 hours.

As soon as approved, simply submit any kind of unpaid invoices by syncing your accounting software or even uploading them to your BlueVine dashboard.

BlueVine pays 85-90% of the cash instantly. You’ll get the remaining money, less the BlueVine fee, once the invoice will get paid.

They are the minimum qualifications to get started with invoice factoring through BlueVine:

  • Must be in business for at least 3+ months
  • Your business generates $10, 000 in monthly revenue
  • You have a B2B corporation (invoices from traditional consumers aren’t eligible)
  • Personal FICO score associated with 530+

You’ll also need to provide BlueVine some basic details about your own invoices and show three months of recent bank statements. Get started now.

Paragon Financial

Visit Paragon Financial

  • Non-recourse invoice factoring
  • Purchase purchase financing
  • In business 25+ years
  • Great option for startups

Get Started

Paragon Financial is a non-recourse invoice factoring organization. So you can get funded without presuming the liability for unpaid invoices.

This institution is a bit smaller compared to some of the other companies on our list. They’ve been around for more compared to 25 years but only individuals 2, 200+ businesses. With that in mind, they’ve funded more than $2 billion during that time.

It’s a great option for startups, entrepreneurs, and companies with tax issues. They will typically work with lots of government contractors.

To qualify for invoice factoring with Paragon Financial, you’ll need a minimum of $30, 000 in monthly sales. This is a little bit higher compared to other options that will we’ve reviewed.

However , your personal credit will not impact any approvals. Considering that Paragon assumes the risk, earning decisions based on the credit of your clients.

In addition to invoice factoring, Paragon Economic also offers purchase order financing and working capital to get government contracting.

altLINE gong16deng
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altLINE has provided invoice invoice discounting solutions for more than 8 decades.

During that time, they’ve provided $424 mil in funded invoices.

They’ re specifically unique because they’ re a direct source of funding. They’ re not a middle man. altLINE a division from the Southern Bank Company. So they don’t need to charge extra borrowing costs like third-party providers. Business owners can benefit out there savings.

Along with invoice factoring, altLINE offers accounts receivable financing. While the two terms are often used interchangeably in the world of small business financing, they are not the same.

Invoice factoring offers excellent flexibility for business owners. Balances receivable financing has stricter guidelines related to the credit profile. With that said, AR funding will usually provide businesses with preferred financing terms.

altLINE will provide up to 90% of skilled unpaid invoices for invoice discounting. Common industries for bill factoring with altLINE consist of:

  • Distribution
  • Consulting
  • Food and beverage
  • Janitorial services
  • Professional services
  • Facility services
  • Textile and outfits
  • Wholesale
  • Oil and gas
  • Staffing
  • Manufacturing

As a federally regulated bank, altLINE is 100% transparent regarding their fees and term structures. Factoring rates from just 0. 50%. You’ll also benefit from a fast approval process without an application charge.

In addition to invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing, altLINE also has asset-based lending for businesses. This really is another way to borrow money towards your receivables.

Triumph Business Capital gong16deng
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The domain name for Success Business Capital is invoicefactoring. com. With a name like this, you better be a top invoice factoring company—and that’s exactly what they are.

This company has helped seven, 000+ small and mid-sized businesses with working capital needs. They offer invoice factoring services for the following sectors:

  • Transportation
  • Staffing
  • Oil and gas
  • Government contractors
  • Freight brokers

I like Triumph Company Capital because of their easy to use web portal. The dashboard plus process is a simple way to manage your funding. You are able to stay up to date with your accounts and information, no matter where you are.

You’ll also provide direct access to support from the Success Business Capital team. They also offer a wide range of financial services along with bill factoring:

  • Asset management
  • Commuting banking
  • Asset-based lending
  • Equipment financing
  • Insurance

Think of it as your financial 1 stop shop.

Breakout Capital gong16deng
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Breakout Capital offer a great invoice factoring service known as “FactorAdvantage. ” It’s the customized solution for companies that don’t meet qualifications from other lenders and invoice discounting companies.

Consider it a combination between invoice factoring and a small business loan. Here are some of the top advantages of this service:

  • Fund receivables before bills are ready to factor
  • Increase your over-advance maximum quantities
  • Access to immediate bridge loans
  • Remove merchant cash advance programs or liens
  • Forecast cash flow with AI technology

Breakout Capital is a great approach to startups because they don’t have a strict approval process. There’ s no minimum CREDIT score required, no minimum monthly revenue requirement, and no minimum time in business.

With all of that stated, Breakout Capital’s invoice factoring rates are a bit greater than some of the other companies we’ve reviewed. Invoice factoring starts at 1 . 25% per month.

For startups that want to borrow up to $500, 000 using unpaid invoices, Breakout Capital is a best company for you to consider. FactorAdvantage is unlike any other item I’ve seen on the market today.

TCI Business Capital gong16deng
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TCI Capital continues to be serving businesses for more than 20 years. They offer monthly funding lines from $50, 000 to $10 million along with invoice factoring.

B2B organizations that use TCI Capital for invoice factoring typically fall into one of the subsequent categories:

  • Staffing
  • Phone system and wireless
  • Heavy construction
  • Renewable energy
  • Authorities contractors
  • Electricity and pipeline contractors
  • Trucking and shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Environmental services
  • Oilfield services

TCI Capital adds a personal touch to their invoice factoring services. They encourage you to talk to an agent that will help you find the best solution for your current situation and requirements. TCI Capital also makes sure that the solution works well for your customers.

Like most companies, TCI Capital’s factoring fees are based on volume. So it’s a better option for those of you with higher volumes if you want access to favored rates and fees.

The TCI Funds website has an awesome tool to help you calculate your factoring costs. Choose your preferred advance rate of 70%, 80%, or 90%, and enter your average month-to-month sales.

Select your customer payment terms (net 30, 60, 90, or 120), and the device will automatically calculate your fees.

For example , let’s say you average $10, 000 per month with net 60 terms in your invoices. If you want 90% associated with cash in advance, the invoice discounting fee is $200.

With TCI Funds, you’ll get fast approvals, simple onboarding, and month-to-month terms. They offer high advancements and same-day funding to offer you reliable cash flow.

Riviera Finance gong16deng
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Riviera Finance has been delivering financial services to businesses considering that 1969. With more than 50 many years of experience, this company is a top solution for invoice factoring.

Riviera Financial is great for any business that needs cash quickly They offer some of the quickest turnaround rates in the industry, with guaranteed 24-hour funding.

Riviera Financing is a non-recourse invoice factoring service. They also offer credit solutions and receivables management in addition to financing, all within the coverage of invoice factoring.

Depending on your business kind, industry, and clients, Riviera Finance will fund up to 95% of qualified bills. You’ll have complete flexibility just for funding on-demand.

Arguably the biggest standout associated with Riviera Finance is its credit management services. They guarantee the credit upon all of your factored invoices. If an invoice is unpaid, Riviera Finance becomes the particular credit manager and presumes the risk.

Consequently, no debt it created on your end, and the company protects you from poor debt on all of the accounts that they factor.

Riviera Finance has an extraordinary receivable management system too. They handle to the following tasks:

  • Maintain an efficient process along with your clients
  • Automated invoice uploads
  • Mailing and processing for all invoices
  • Processing and posting of invoice payments
  • Current alerts related to returns, conflicts, or payment issues
  • Check the status of outstanding invoices
  • Custom management reports

You’ll benefit from instant access 24/7 to all of your account receivable information through an online account dashboard.

How to Choose the Best Invoice Factoring Company For Your Company

Invoice factoring can be complicated. It’s essential that you find the right invoice factoring organization to meet the needs of your company. You need to find one that solutions your company’ s particular goals.

There are certain factors that you should look for whenever you’re evaluating an invoice factoring service. This is the methodology for narrowing down your options.

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What happens if some of your customers fails to pay an invoice to the factoring business? Depending on the company you choose, you will be responsible for this debt.

Recourse factoring generally offers lower fees. But this comes with higher risk.

Non-recourse invoice factoring means that the factor assumes the liability if the bill goes unpaid. This is a much better option for businesses who can’t risk a client withholding payment.


Some of you may just want to factor one or two accounts. Doing this on-demand is known as “spot factoring. ” You’ll have comprehensive control over which invoices are factored and when it happens.

Some bill factoring companies require “whole ledger factoring. ” In this case, you won’t have just as much control. Generally speaking, spot invoice discounting is the preferred choice regarding business owners.

Factoring Fees

Plenty of business owners see the short-term advantages of invoice factoring—upfront cash. But they overlook the fees that this will definitely cost.

Some bill factoring companies lure a person in with low factoring costs, but then hit you with additional fees like:

  • Application charge
  • Service charge
  • Renewals
  • Transfers
  • Early termination
  • Origination fee

I’d recommend a good invoice factoring company that provides transparent pricing. You should only have to pay the factoring charge, without any of these additional fees or hidden fees.

Funding Time

How soon do you want cash?

For anyone who need funds quickly, search for an invoice factoring business with fast turnaround periods. There are companies out there which will fund your business within 24 hours of submitting a qualified bill.


Invoice factoring is normally reserved for B2B organizations. But there are still plenty of different niches and unique circumstances within that category. This particular list has an option for everyone.

Compare Quotes From The Best Invoice Factoring Companies gong5deng gong3deng
gong0deng Get matched up with an invoice factoring company that fits your needs. gong3deng > > Compare Quotes

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