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How to buy cryptocurrency and prepare for the next technological revolution

If you’ve followed our accounts in the past you already know we have been informing our readers on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain for quite a few years now. The current year has been full of surprised, and it has accelerated the adoption of many newer technologies.

The transition to a more digital system of currencies has begun and it will only take a few years before it becomes the new normal. Being crypto-literate is thus important in 2020 and it’s better to get started early on.

To aid you in this quest we have prepared a list of exchanges where one can purchase cryptocurrency with a regular debit card, we have also included and promotional offers where available, enjoy!:


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 and with headquarters in the EU. It is the largest exchange by marketcapn and they boast high liquidity with very low fees compared to the average. It allows you to purchase crypto directly through your debit card and gives yous access to a variety of different tokens.

In addition, the link we provide offers a 20% cash back on buying and trading fees, meaning for every 1 LINK paid in fees, you will get 0.21 LINK back. This promotion applies to every single trade, forever. Simply use our referral code when registering your account.

To register with the cashback promotion: Click here (Ref code: ZKD83U1W)
For more information about Binance: Click here


Coinbase is an exchange founded in 2012 with headquarters in San Francisco, USA. It doesn’t offer any cashback, fees are high, but it’s got an incredible reputation and reliability. The link we provided inlcudes a $10 bonus for $100 worth of any crypto exchanged. (The bonus only applies once)

To register and apply for the bonus: Click here
For more information about Coinbase: Click here


Kucoin Exchange Features Review | Pros & Cons |

KuCoin is a Hong Kong based exchange which doesn’t discriminate on their users’ locations. They offer a flat trading fee of 0.10% and below industry average withdrawal fees. On the other hand, they aren’t rated as secure as the previous exchanges.

To register: Click here
For more information about KuCoin: Click here

We will be updating the list as more options become available. For more information you can always check this page.

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