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How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Price

Instagram turns 10 within 2020. It was launched in October of 2010, exactly where its app store debut prompted 25, 000 downloads in just one day. Two years later, Facebook purchased the app with regard to $1 billion.

In 2020, the app has grown bigger than expected, with 500 mil daily users. Its reputation has led it to become source of income for content creators and brands worldwide, several using the app as their singular source of income.

Since the potential to help make money, connect with your viewers, and build a reputable brand name on Instagram is so higher, understanding how to use it is essential. Whilst there are various ways to market your self or your business on Instagram, it’s impossible to do so with no first understanding your Instagram engagement rate.

Why does Instagram engagement rate matter?

Instagram engagement rates are significant because they measure an audience’s interest, brand relevance, plus social authority.

Audience Attention

If your content appeals to your target audience, your engagement price will be higher. If you take you a chance to review your best performing content material, i. e., posts with the most likes, shares, saves, and comments, you’ll get a feel for what your users want to see. It’s important to notice high impressions may indicate that your content has been viewed a lot, but engagement is normally defined as concrete interactions together with your posts.


If you have a high engagement rate, it’s likely your audience sees a person as a relevant source of information. They may favor your content more than competitors because your content models you apart. However , if you have a high engagement rate now, will it stay the same in 3 months? Is it higher than it was last year? If you aren’t monitoring your own engagement rate and using this as a benchmark for meaning, your score can decline.

Social Authority

While you’ve probably already identified your own target instagram audience, it is never bad to add brand new followers and fans towards the list. These new users will take notice of your engagement — your followers, wants, comments, etc . — to determine whether or not to follow you. They’re likely to move on to your rivals if they notice your brand’s engagement, a. k. a. social authority is not solid.

What is the average Instagram wedding rate?

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of a “good” engagement price. They vary by business and depending on your strategic goals.

However , Instagram does have higher engagement rates than other social media networks. According to the HubSpot Instagram Engagement Survey, posts on the platform create 23% more engagement than Facebook, even though Facebook has 2x more monthly customers.

If you want a numerical value in order to your score to, Rival IQ found that the average engagement rate across many industries is 1 . 22%. Specific sectors have higher rates, like higher education along with 3. 57%, sports teams with 2 . 33%, and influencers with 1 . 67%.

Because of this, it’s safe to assume that an engagement rate of around 1% is an excellent engagement rate.

If you’ve already run the numbers plus found that your engagement rate is significantly lower than average, don’t fret. There’s room for improvement — yet maintain a healthy perspective. Assess how your engagement price has changed over time and begin devising strategies to raise your score. Start this process by determining your engagement rate.

How To Calculate Your Engagement Price On Instagram

There is controversy among marketers on the easiest way to calculate your Instagram engagement rate, as different industries define success in various ways. Your preferred method depends upon your goals as a brand or influencer.

Calculating Instagram engagement rate for brand names

This formula is best for brands on Instagram since it considers the number of people who have seen a piece of content (impressions) as opposed to the total number of followers.
formula to calculate brand instagram engagement rate
Brand names typically convert more leads via exposure first, instead of follower count. When branded advertisements get viewed, wedding rates go up, especially if they will follow the advertisements to Instagram profiles and become followers. Note that Instagram accounts need to be public Business Profiles to see opinions.

Calculating Instagram engagement price for influencers

Since sponsors often recruit influencers on Instagram based on their prefers and follower count, their particular engagement rates incorporate both of these factors. Since this metric doesn’t require any personal data, it’s possible to compare your own engagement rates to rivals.

formula to calculate influencer instagram engagement rate

Regardless of your engagement rate, you will encounteer steps to be taken to raise your score.

1 . Maintain consistent branding.

Maintaining consistency with your content is extremely important, and there are a variety of actions you can take to do this.

Firstly, your username ought to be similar or the same to your other social media usernames. For instance , if your twitter handle will be @greenbookworm, your Instagram deal with should be the same if it’s available (or something extremely similar).

You should also make sure that your articles is visually consistent as well, and you should have a format which you use for all of your blogposts. Take a look at Nike’s Instagram, one example is.   nike instagram profile


Every time they post content that includes typography, they use the same backgrounds and font. When they post pictures, they’re high quality and make use of the same filter.

nike instagram text post brand consistency


When your content has a similar look, your profile becomes aesthetically pleasing, and customers can recognize your pictures as a consistent brand. When they come across your content on one more social media site and can understand that it’s yours, they may stick to you there as well.

There is data to back this up — WebDam found that 60% of the best-performing brands on Instagram used same filter every time they will post.

2 . Understand your own audience.

You can’t begin generating content without knowing your designed audience. Developing Instagram personas is a helpful tool meant for increasing your engagement rate. If you know who your followers are, creating content that they want makes them more likely to engage with you. Take the time to monitor your audience statistics, and update your personas accordingly.

You can use Instagram insights to get a demographic understanding of your followers. If you have a good Instagram business account, navigate to the audience tab from the Insights menu.  

instagram audience insights to increase instagram engagement score From here, you can see the top locations your users are in, your users’ age ranges, and their gender. All this information will give you an awareness of your users.
instagram insights for followers gender, age range, and top locations If you’re a HubSpot user, you can utilize the particular Social Reports data to get these same insights.

Regardless of your own target audience, your content needs to be accessible. Utilizing Instagram’s accessibility tools is crucial, and you can use it to include image alt text, subtitles, and captions to your articles.

3. Post regularly.

Knowing your target audience, post content material they’ll enjoy and do it regularly. In 2018, 60% of Instagram users reported visiting the site daily, plus 38% of those users frequented multiple times a day.

The number of times you post depends on your own marketing strategy, but the average brand posts 1 . 5 instances per day. Again, this metric is an average, and it may not work for everyone. Posting an excessive amount of content can overwhelm your users, and they won’t think twice to unfollow if their give food to is clogged.

It’s also important to know the best instances to post for your followers. Instagram insights will also tell you the best days and hours to post.

instagram insights for best time and day to post on instagram to increase engagement rate

Do keep in mind that will quantity doesn’t equal high quality, which brings us to the next engagement raising strategy.

4. Create better captions.

Unless you’re @world_record_egg, who posted a photo of an egg with no caption that has generated more than 12 million likes, you should focus on your captions. Utilize the brand voice you’ve created to sound consistent and maintain your intended audience in your mind. You can create short captions that are serious or light-hearted.

You can also create longer captions that tell stories plus take your users on a trip. Take the instagram account @humansofny as an example. They regularly function the personal stories of people all over the world.

humansofny long instagram caption

Since engagement metrics aspect in the length of time users spend on your posts, consider alternating shorter and longer captions.

Hand-in-hand along with writing better captions is using quality hashtags — Instagram was built on them, after all. It’s still the algorithm’s primary method of filtering through content. If you’re unfamiliar with hashtags, here’s a summary.

Captions can hold up to 30 hashtags for each post, but there must be an equilibrium. Hashtag dumping, which is much like keyword stuffing, may make the algorithm think you’re spamming for engagement, and you can be shadowbanned. The goal would be to figure out what works for you plus stick to it.

Your hashtags can be a mix of popular and specific, long-tailed keywords. For example , should you be running an Instagram for your hotel, you’ll want to make use of common hashtags like #hotel and #travel. However , those are also very broad, as a search for the #hotel label has 31 million blogposts. Be more specific and targeted towards your needs, and maybe say #hotel, #travel, and #hotel + your hotel name + the name of the city you’re in. So , for example , #hotellisamiami.

You can discover the best hashtags to utilize by doing keyword research plus categorizing those that work right for you and your brand. You may also want to consider coming up with a brand-specific hashtag that users can identify as yours.

5. Engage with your followers.

After you post, engage with your followers. Whilst Instagram has the ‘Turn away comments’ feature, opt to place them on.

Reply to comments that your followers make. Maybe they’re asking questions or proclaiming their excitement for your product. Paula’s Choice, a elegance brand, is an excellent example of this.

paula's choice replying to follower instagram comment


They regularly host Instagram Q& A’s, where users ask questions and they answer all of them on their Instagram stories.

They’re taking actions that they understand will entice their market into interacting with their Instagram content, which factors directly into engagement rates.

Engaging together with your followers also entails posting their content on your web site, known as user-generated content (UGC). Surfing through your brand-specific hashtags can help you find users that are posting about you. You are able to screenshot their content to discuss on your story, and even write-up on your feed.

Your fans will be excited that you connect to them, as engagement may signify a personal relationship with your brand. Here’s an example of Paula’s Choice posting UGC.

paula's choice instgram user generated content post to increase instagram engagement rate


6. Engage with comparable accounts.

There wouldn’t become a point to using Instagram if you’re not following and interacting with other accounts.

Using the system to engage with accounts similar to yours is extremely important. If you’re a brandname, this can mean partnering along with influencers in the same industry. If you share products together, they’ll post content wearing your brands. If they label you, their followers will discover your account, and many may stick to you—all of these metrics aspect into your engagement rate.

Emma Chamberlain is a popular YouTuber, keeping almost 10. 4 million Instagram followers at only 19-years-old. She regularly posts subsidized content, and her sponsors post her. She excites her followers to connect to those brands, and vice versa.

emma chamberlain sponsored content instagram post Source

This establishes trust between brands, influencers, and their own followers, which paints a picture of ‘high engagement’ to those browsing Instagram, and they will follow you in return.
In addition to influencers, simply engaging with manufacturers within your industry is essential too. Commenting on industry-standard accounts can give you exposure to users for the reason that same comment section, and they may click your profile and become new followers.

seven. Create mixed content.

When the app was first launched, all you could do was publish photos. Now, there are 5 types of content posts backed on Instagram: photos, videos, Instagram TV (IGTV), Instagram Reels, and Instagram Tales.

It’s no longer enough in order to post photos; you need to do everything.


Zenith Media estimated that the average person would invest 84 minutes a day watching videos in 2020. That is a significant amount of time spent viewing videos, so use it to your advantage.

There are five video choices within Instagram: Reels, IGTV, Story videos, Instagram Reside, and video posts. You will need to decide which method is effectively for you, but a well-rounded Instagram strategy will include all. If people are watching content on your own page, they’re spending more time on your site, factoring into the impressions rate.

If you’re a sports brand, post appealing videos of recognized sports athletes using your equipment to practice their own sport.


Instagram Tales are essentially the same as Snapchat stories. HubSpot’s Instagram wedding report found 22% of users watched branded content Stories from a company, business, or brand more than once a week, and 36% liked, left a comment, or shared branded Stores.

You can take advantage of these figures and use this feature to draw attention to your new posts by sharing them in your Story or simply posting Story exclusive content.

This function can also be used to engage with your audience. Post quizzes and queries and make them shareable with regard to other users. Stories can also be used to obtain feedback from customers, wondering them to submit experiences with your products and services.

Circling back to influencer sponsorships, having them go live on your account via Instagram Reside is a great strategy. Instagram Live’s can also be saved to your account, so new users can watch all of them even if they occurred three months before.

8. Use calls-to-action (CTAs).

A CTA is definitely an image, line of text, hashtag, or swipe-up-link that is designed to entice your audience to take action — hence the call-to-action.

The specific action you’re requesting users to take should be determined based on your brand, company, or influencers’ needs. This may mean notifying them of the sale by including a swipe up link in your Instagram story, asking them to tag a friend in the opinion section, or sharing hyperlinks to partner-posted content.

Whilst links to other sites do not directly impact your Instagram engagement rate, they still require users to spend more time on your profile, and you can convert them into leads upon other platforms. Here’s an example of National Geographic advertising a new product on their story using a swipe-up CTA.

national geographic instagram story swipe up call to action


9. Track your data.

Why would you bother consuming action to improve your engagement rate if you’re not taking a few minutes to understand if it’s working? Tracking your progress is extremely important, and it should be something you focus on.

Trial and error is anticipated, and it should be used to inform your current and future techniques. Use your preferred CRM to get your most effective posts or even pieces of content, and use the strategy employed in those for the next content posts.

Right after you’ve calculated your wedding rate for the first time, you should devise a timeline in which you’ll recalculate it again. Probably you’ll set a goal associated with raising your score simply by. 10% in a year, so you may plan to re-calculate the figures every three months. This can also help you understand what isn’t working — if your numbers haven’t budged, something needs to change.

All in all, Instagram engagement price is a measure of how your audience interacts with your content material. Your rate is an indicator of your Instagram profiles’ interpersonal authority, relevancy, and market interest.

If your content excellent and your followers are joining, your engagement rate can demonstrate that. When you spend some time working on your engagement rate, you collect valuable data to inform your entire Instagram marketing strategy.

You should see your engagement price as a benchmark for client loyalty and satisfaction.

If your users like you, it’ll show.

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