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Top Social Media Tools You Need to Use in 2021

You already know how important social media would be to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and eventually score more conversions.

The world is on social media — 50% of it, at least — so if you want your item, service, and mission to achieve the maximum amount of people, your business needs to be on social media, too.

Nevertheless , social media can be extremely time-consuming. It also spans so many different tasks, ranging from data-based activities like tracking analytics, to creative jobs such as designing graphics.

It can be difficult to find the skills and manpower needed to execute a great social media strategy — which is why you need social media tools to assist you.

Below, we’ll cover the top social media tools you should be making use of in 2021 to help you conserve time and increase conversion rates.

social media tool is to save you time while getting similar — or much better — results than you could without it. Look for social media marketing tools that automate a procedure, but make sure the process nevertheless happens correctly, since several shortcuts might be too fast and so won’t focus on quality.

It helps you increase brand awareness.

One of the biggest benefits of social media is its ability to increase your brand name awareness, which is why each social networking tool you select should carry out its services with brand awareness in mind.

Maybe your tool of choice is an editing platform such as Lightroom, which could help you create images to suit the rest of your feed. Or, maybe it’s an Instagram scheduler like Later so you can preview your profile before you write-up images. Whatever the case may be, social media tools should focus largely on brand awareness.

It’s simple to use.

Social media tools are just a time-saver if most are easy and intuitive. Each device you select should be super user-friendly so that, if needed, your own accounting team could edit photos and your creative, right-brained writers could still utilize the analytics function to track day-to-day social metrics.

Many social media tools provide tutorials on their websites. Others, such as Kicksta, have top-notch customer service to get immediate expert advice if you want help getting off the ground.

It can affordable.

Social media tools needs to be affordable (and most of them are). Many high-quality social media equipment are even free, such as the Unfold app, which is perfect for creating Instagram stories.

Along with social media tools, there’s no requirement for you to go back and forth with the accounting department trying to get your budget approved. Most social networking tools are already budget-friendly therefore all you need to do is register.

It keeps you structured.

One of the ways social media tools save you time is by keeping you organized, so guarantee the social media tools you decide to use are efficient and tidy.

For example , HubSpot’s Social Inbox tool helps you prioritize your social media interactions, and graphic design website Canva saves your designs so you can go back and edit them later.

Marketing Center Professional tier

HubSpot’s Interpersonal Inbox tool saves you energy while still optimizing your own social efforts. Schedule your posts, integrate your social networks along with your blog, and monitor communications and mentions so you can nurture new leads.

HubSpot furthermore integrates all of your marketing together with your CRM, so it’s easy to work out how many leads and clients you’re receiving directly from social media. “HubSpot Marketing Hub … puts the potential of corporate marketing within everyone’s reach, inch one customer says.

top social media tools hubspot social inbox

2 . Kicksta

Price: Starts at $49/month regarding individual creatives

Kicksta is definitely an Instagram growth service in order to you get more organic supporters on your Instagram business accounts. Using your company account, the particular growth service “likes” about 30, 000 photos per month on carefully-targeted accounts. Those users — real people, not spam bots or even fake accounts — will start to follow your account, increasing your brand awareness.

Kicksta is a good match for any industry and provides a friendly, responsive, and helpful customer success team. “Kicksta assists introduce new audiences to the brand while providing consistent organic Instagram growth, ” says Ryan Beltran, CEO of watch company Original Grain. “It’s great for interpersonal proof too! ”

top social media tools kicksta


three or more. Lightroom

Price: Starts at $9. 99/month

Adobe’s Lightroom product is a tool that lets you arrange and edit photos. Since social media is all about visuals, it might be critical your business’s social media accounts showcase vibrant, on-brand photos.

Sliders, filters, and many other features make Lightroom the user-friendly tool to create attractive photos even if you don’t have a lot editing experience. Lightroom is available for both mobile plus desktop, and best of all, changes made on one device instantly apply to all devices.

top social media tools lightroom


4. Canva

Price: Free, or starts at $9. 95/month

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design website where you can create custom made, on-brand graphics for your industry’s social media accounts. The website provides dozens of templates — everything from Facebook banners to Instagram stories to Twitter posts — so if starting from scrape to create social graphics seems intimidating, use a template instead.

One user said, “Canva has been a lifesaver to me and my business. No more hrs sitting in front of the computer coming up with images for social media post[s] or Pinterest write-up[s]. ”

top social media tools canva


5. Occur

Price: Free

Described as “a tool set for storytellers”, Unfold is definitely an iOS and Android app that helps you create attractive templates for Instagram stories. Bringing your creative thoughts to life is the driving idea behind Unfold.

It’s a perfect app for lifestyle brand names who want to create stylish collages to keep their social media accounts on-brand and receive the optimum amount of engagement from fans.

top social media tools unfold


6. HypeAuditor

Price: Starts with $200/month for 50 reports

You’ll never earn money from fake followers — they just make your engagement look bad (think millions of followers, but just a few hundred likes per photo) and ruin your reputation. That’s why HypeAuditor weeds away fake followers on your Instagram account to help you determine your organic reach.

Additionally , HypeAuditor analyzes your audience to figure out their current address, their age and gender, and which of your followers are usually ghosts.

top social media tools hypeauditor


7. Retouchup

Price: Starts at $0. 25 for each image

The website Retouchup offers an easy way to edit photos for social media, from simple color correction to more advanced Photoshop-like features such as adding or removing people from a photo. With Retouchup, you don’t need to do the work yourself — instead, just submit a photograph and the website’s experts will certainly edit the photo for you personally within 24 hours.

“You’re producing me look like an awesome professional photographer! ” one user gushed. Retouchup can save you time during the editing stage, and make your images appear higher-quality and much more compelling.

top social media tools retouchup


8. Marketing Video clip Builder

Price: Free, or begins at $33/month.

Marketing Video Builder by Animoto helps you make professional-tier videos to interact with audiences. Videos could be created in minutes utilizing the online video editor. The best part about the tool is that you may even need editing encounter to get started.

You can increase brand awareness by making videos for your company, and share them throughout social channels to grow your audience. Additionally , if you’re a HubSpot customer, you can incorporate that account with your Animoto account.

top social media tools marketing video builder


Whenever you create videos, you can use a pre-built storyboard template curated by either Animoto or HubSpot. Alternatively, you can make a from scratch. When you’re done, you are able to export the video to your HubSpot file manager with one click and manage it from there.

Animoto also combines with Getty Images, Fb, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so you can have video tools for a good portion of social media marketing platforms all in one place.

Falcon is a social media marketing management platform that allows you to definitely create posts for social support systems on a collaborative content appointments.

It integrates with HubSpot, Microsoft, and Salesforce to help users streamline marketing tasks among teams. For a visual to see how Falcon integrates with other software, refer to the particular photo below:

top social media tools falcon


HubSpot customers can use this integration to create audience sections. These segmentations will help you focus on your customers with social media content, making sure your content is being noticed by the right people. Any changes you make inside HubSpot will automatically exchange to Falcon, so you do not have to worry about manually updating content material.

2 . Quuu

Cost: Free, or starts at $19/month.

Quuu is a platform that helps people execute visually stunning social media content. It automates the particular time-consuming process of properly developing professional, engaging multimedia property for campaigns.

When using Quuu, you can choose from over five hundred interest categories, like advertising or real estate, and get content suggestions based on these choices. You’ll receive a specific amount of content suggestions each day per profile based on your settings, ensuring you’ll always have relevant posts for your target audience.

top social media tools quuu


If you’re the HubSpot customer, you can incorporate the two platforms. Quuu finds the best content for your social profiles, and HubSpot enables you to control those suggestions. You can find your draft folder via HubSpot and pick which usually content you want to upload if your Quuu account isn’t automated, which you can change.

Quuu looks for content so you don’t have to. The particular tool also integrates along with Buffer, Hootsuite, and Socialbee.

3. Later

Cost: Free, or even starts at $7. 50/month

Social media marketing platform Later allows you to plan and schedule your own Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, plus Pinterest posts. The drag-and-drop calendar makes it easy for you to map out your upcoming posts and find out at a glance how your feed will look.

You can also track your analytics, which will help you figure out the best time of day to post, and the best hashtags to make use of. Additionally , the Linkin. Bio feature for Instagram assists your posts become instantly shoppable.

“I love that you can either use it via the website or app on-the-go, ” 1 user remarks. “It is one of those apps that I could hardly live without … Afterwards is [a] super easy tool to set up. inch

top social media tools later


There are numerous choices out there just for high-quality social media tools. Ultimately, it’s your job to decide which usually tool is the best fit for your needs, your budget, your campaigns, and your marketing goals.

4. Style Wizard

Price: Free, or begins at $9. 99/month

This tool lets you create different types of content, like photos and videos, with no expert editing experience required. For those who have a limited budget and time on your hands, this free of charge visual content tool is perfect for you.

Design Wizard includes a library of over a mil multimedia graphics for motivation and use. Plus, all of the images are licensed meant for commercial use, so if you use one from the site, you will not run into copyright infringements.

top social media tools design wizard


Over to You

Your special, on-brand images will be able to integrate with HubSpot. You can manage all of the files you create with Design Wizard out of your HubSpot account, which you can use just for campaign posts.

Need a pain-free way to track your interpersonal interactions? Try HubSpot’s social inbox tool today.

Editor’s note: This post had been originally published in May 2019 and has been updated with regard to comprehensiveness.

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