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Ways to Turn a Case Study into a Customer Success Story

Expression, enthusiasm, style, persuasion, authenticity.

These five elements encompass a client success story — the transformation from a regular case study to an enticing piece of content that encourages a viewer to explore what your company provides.

When people think about writing a case study, they might feel a frightening rise of tediousness, or simply writer’s block. This article omits both by showing you precisely how to turn a case study in to a customer success story via an authentic writing style.

Case studies are more than proving your company’s achievements. Through eloquence and thoughtfulness, you can demonstrate your product or even service’s power by telling a real story.

Think about it: Real customers use your product. Real employees deliver profitable projects. Real customers, actual professionals, real people.

What does it mean to be individual in digital form? This means delivering a story with specifics and emotions. It’s training a prospect through a innovative perspective, and answering the next questions: Just how did the client feel at the beginning, and how did they really feel at the end? What struggles did the project manager face, and how did they feel when they overcame them?

These questions are usually part of what encompasses a customer success story.

So how would you make a case study passionate, motivating, and authentic?

Along with the 5 elements that shape a success story, there are five requirements for forming the facts.

Right here, we’ll dive into each step you need to take to create a good engaging customer success story and convert leads.

1 . Find the right client.

First thing’s very first: finding the right client.

Ask your project management or sales team about their latest projects and which one stood out. You are considering a client with a uniquely knotty problem, one that your company was able to solve. The more complex the project, the more you can display your company’s skills.

When most of the projects seem standard, pick the client that was the most hands-on and the most reactive. The more involved the client, the more likely they are to give you more information within their interview.

Send an Enticing Email

Before you begin, get permission from the client and inquire about their interest in participating in a case study. You can incentivize them through social media publication, tagging their company on all social platforms, and including a link to their website at the conclusion of the case study.

Here’s an example from Trujay which you can use to write an enticing email to your client:

Hi [Name],

My name is [Your Name], I’m a [Job Title/Position] here at [Company Name]. I’m so very happy to hear your experience with us was worth it! We’re glad we could make all the needs of your project happen and hope you continue to enjoy the results.

As your project was such a success, I wondered if you will be interested in participating in a case study. We like to inquire about that opportunity to only a few select customers because we find some projects have a compelling story. Yours happens to be a particularly special project, and we’d love to promote your brand by showcasing the results.

All you would have to do is answer six questions about your experience of working with us. You may answer them directly in response to this email, or we can have a phone or video call. Whatever way you’d prefer! Most of our clients want to copy and paste the questions in response and fill in the answers.

If you would like to interview over [Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Other], let me know a good time and date that works for you personally. The call shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

I’ve attached a few types of previous success stories to get a feel for the final product. We also conduct a social media campaign so you and your company can get as much exposure as possible.

We thank you for using our services and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! Should you ever need our services again, know that [Company Name’s] got your back. We hope you find interest in participating and look forward to hearing from you.


[Email Signature]

After you have permission, let your project management or services team understand that a case study is underway.

2 . Create interview questions for both project manager and client.

You’ll want to create two sets of questions — one for the project manager, and one for the client. These questions will give way to both sides of the story, enlightening you on the knowledge from both ends.

Client Questions: The Background

The formatting of the person interview questions is essential. You are looking for get as much detail too without overwhelming the client through loaded questions.

Client job questions are straightforward and so relate to a customer’s corporate}, goals, passions, and diet plans. You want to find out how your company dealt with a significant problem through the householders’ perspective. What did those project management team obtain, in their eyes?

First, get useful pieces of standard information:

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 2.20.21 PM

Here’s one among how you’ll use this resources in your introductory piece furthermore throughout the success story:


bloom-customer-success-story Image Cause

Once you introduce these interviewee and their company really and thoughtfully, the client work questions will shape your story.

Client Issues and answers: The Real Story

Incredibly first, you want the client to describe just their previous experience turned out to be. What could not they really like about it? What did it because of cause friction in their home business process? And most importantly, where was their previous sensation not serving their provider’s needs?

Next, you want to develop the facts. What was the name of a previous service provider, and what discussed them switch? How executed they find your company? Had become it a referral, virtually any Google search, or something else?

To knowing how the client found your enterprise, you’ll know which of your total marketing efforts are working and therefore which need improvement. For instance , if the client found your organization through a keyword search, it means your SEO strategy has become working. Alternatively, if the shopper found your company by prospect, that means your reputation may credible by word-of-mouth.

Guidelines six questions you can ask your individual clients:

  1. What company or product were you up to now using, and what were the down sides?
  2. What precise requirements did you have the best way previous company lacked by delivering?
  3. What type solution did you switch out to, and what made you choose it also?
  4. How handle you find the new company/solution?
  5. What was your routine throughout the project? (Orientation, early stages stages, experience with your account encargado, understanding the tech if appropriate, etc . )
  6. How were you pleased with the results, and what was your part? (Could be whatever thing from communication to a most technical logic. )

Project Manager Questions

The project manager you ought to should inform you of the entire industry and onboarding process. The questions aim to prove any savviness and expertise, displaying to the reader that your product or service is fine excellently.

Below are four meet with questions you could ask the project manager or computer technician in charge of the account:

  1. That which were the challenges the litigant was facing? Is there a core one in particular? Be whilst detailed as possible over just what exactly problems the client had, just like but not limited to their cast experience, current issues, but dislikes.
  2. What were the biggest challenges goal project, and what did discover most challenging in curing the problem? Were there complications one has or have not seen right before? Be descriptive.
  3. What did you highly recommend, and how did you know to declare that plan? Was there a penny peculiar about their use process, or was it all that great standard? How do you know what things we can do for a specific project, precisely the one in question?
  4. What was the execution proposal, and how did you use them to satisfy the client’s prefers?

Make sure you’re interviewing the team leader of the project and various other colleagues who worked on doing it. You’ll want to do this to make sure you get back the whole story and the views of everyone involved. The more concept you have, the easier it will be to publish the story.

When selecting the project management gang, analyze their responses with a marketable way. What about his or her own answers gives appeal, as well as where is the sweet location for authenticity?

Every project is unique, even if there is a standard remedy in place. It’s the client’s an issue that makes the project creative, and how the services team decoded that very problem to the fullest extent.

Below is an sort of how you can integrate the throw manager responses into a well-written overview of the problem and its dilemmas:


Standing Source

3. Reveal to the story using a standard explain.

The side effects to your interview questions please don’t necessarily need to be in a some order. You can either water resistant the project manager and / or client questions.

Let’s say you will have the client’s responses originally. What are you looking for, plainly?

You’re looking for the message behind their words. Some call it up reading between the lines. The truth is call it the sweet region of authenticity. What about as well as her responses jumps out at you? Here is an excellent place to understand your buyer personas along with identify what kind of client there’re.

After reviewing both avantages of interview responses, try telling the story to your self from beginning to end making use of questions below. In your own written text, speak the story out loud. The process will turn fact in line with fiction and organize a simple written outline.

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 2.21.25 PM

Place Quotations in Your Outline

Proposals from the client are essential. Words that come directly from the foundation are vital to proving your company can achieve results and make customers feel cared for. The more quotes you have, the more you can showcase your client’s achievements.

Quotes of high class give prospects significant encouragement in choosing your products — almost as much as recommendations. The quotes should never be designed unless using proper line rules.

Below are examples of strong quotes:

Image Source

Inquire about Video Testimonials

Whenever possible, getting video recommendations from your client can make our story go above-and-beyond. Should video content editing ‘s just right, you can move your readership in a heartfelt way. That will sound odd, so take note of the video below. It could really well be the beacon of your advancement story and the element who sets it apart, along these lines example from HubSpot, less than a:

Testimonials of this kind of quality make your success story real. Additionally , consider placing bids in various and relevant sectors of your success story — you can have a quote in each one of the aspects that make up an old, outlined case study.

look at. Use concise, clear appropriate language to tell a story.

You don’t need to use fancy info to create a compelling customer financial success story — in fact , may be preferred that you don’t. You’ll want to enable so the reader can clearly understand how your company helped remedy a client’s problem, which will doesn’t require superfluous foreign.

Here’s an excerpt usually written clearly, and without lingo:

James felt which unfortunately [company 1] skilled way more “bells and whistles, ” which can be extremely weight-loss for some companies. In James’s case, however , he was no more than using a fraction of the features. Every now and then, too much of anything is never a good thing. Just because a system has more features a lot mean it will serve any company to its maximal degree. Sometimes, less may be more, and for James, “it was indeed time to change. ”

5. Design your details for visual appeal.

Ultimately, visuals are powerful opportunities to system and strengthen your story.

You will notice that persuade prospects that your service} is the right choice for them, you’ll want to have well-written story, but then of course you’ll want to create visually-appealing chemicals to help support the story.

Construction applications like Canva are fantastic for combining text with symbolism. Create beautiful and eye-catching research study e-book covers, or acquire designs to highlight quotes through the entire piece. Alternatively, consider using footage related to the client and companionship} — with permission, you will even consider using clients’ LinkedIn photos to put a expression to the text.

Here are some examples of the customer success stories with a the design of visual appeal:

1 . CoSchedule Customer Popularity Story: UMass Memorial Clinical


2 . Lightico Customer Outcome Story: A1 Comms


3. Hourly. io Customer Accomplishments Story: Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels


Case studies tasks to showcase a corporation’s function to the fullest depth. They represent the facts coming from all what happened, who was involved, and the outcome was.

The main goal the case study is to earn possible customers’ trust and boost them to choose you for your competitors.

Turning a case study best customer success story is performed through a meticulous and investigative process.  

Now that you have everything that you need to get started, design a how it looks appealing piece of content that gives the reader more than just words, but glints their imagination of what would be like to work with your organization. They’ll want to reap the benefits of your company services — and may even this would star of your next shopper success story.

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