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What is an SEO Audit? The essentials you need to know

So if your business have been online for any period of time then chances are that search engines are actively crawling your website. But how are you actually performing in search engines? Are you ranking well or you're ranking poorly? Well, there's only one way to find out in this article, we're gonna walk through what is an SEO audit? In this article, we gonna take a look at one of the foundations of SEO and that's the SEO audit.

It's the thing that's gonna benchmark your SEO and help you understand how you performing right now. So you can hopefully improve on it. An SEO audit is a process of taking a look at all the ranking factors that affect your website's performance in search engines. And it seeks to clarify how you're performing right now. More importantly, also identifies where you can be doing better and where you're doing well. It also serves as a benchmark for any future improvement. So if you're looking to improve your organic traffic, your organic leads, or you're keyword ranks. Then you need to conduct an SEO audit to really benchmark where you are right now, so you can see any positive improvement. Or on the flip side, you also need to be able to see any negative trend, so you can adjust your strategy and get up heading in the right way again.

So an SEO audit will show you a number of different things. And these include any issues with your technical SEOs, any thing that's wrong with your technical setup of your website it could be blocking, the search engines understanding of what's actually on your website. Any issues with local SEO, this is particularly important if you're a local business, because if you're a local business, you probably wanna be found by local prospects. So you want your local SEO to be on point. Loading time is incredibly important. So Google have actually come out and said that people will bounce off a website if it takes too long to load. So when was the last time you took a look at how long your website took to load give you an understanding less than three seconds is considered good.

Anything over that is considered needs improvement and if it takes too long to load, then your probably missing out on valuable organic traffic and you're getting a much higher bounce rate from you probably could. SEO audit will also take on the broken links, broken links they're bad for user experience and search engines don't like them. Any issues with your website structure will also come up as part of a SEO audit. So as logical website structure helps a user to navigate your website and is important in the grand scheme of things.

Content is a big part of SEO and an audit will take a look at your content and more importantly is gonna be looking for things such as low word count or duplicate content, and any gaps and opportunities that you have. Anything that can be plugged to get some quick wins, it's usually gonna come on the content side. And if you like it, make sure to check out other previous video. And everything that we've covered so far has been to do what's happening on your website.

What about off site SEO? Well, that comes up in an audit as well 'cause we're gonna take a look at all the links pointing to your website. An audit will help identify any potentially toxic links and ones that you should maybe consider disappearing or any other opportunities to build further links or highly profile is at the moment. Is it natural? Do you have a broad range of links? Is it going to be harming you in any way shape or form? What can you do to fix it? And one important thing here, and this is one of the reasons why you need to be consistently doing SEO audits is that links can degrade over time.

Some links will definitely degrade over time. And this is just the nature of the internet, because websites will stop being tended to, or they will change their content, or they'll get hacked or they'll be compromised. And all of a sudden they shine, content was not that scrupulous and if they're pointing to your website or linking to your website that can actually negatively affect you. So you need to be proactive in doing an SEO audit quite regularly. So you can disappear any potentially toxic links. So one section for I didn't forget that's incredibly important for on page SEO is any meta issues and metadata is important because it can be pulled from your website and actually displayed in search engine results. So you need to optimise that, any missing metadata is probably a bad thing.

So an SEO audit will identify what's missing, and what specific content pages you can jump on in and as plunk that metadata in and improve your SEO over time. Finally, a comprehensive SEO audit will take a look at the competitive marketplace, they'll do a bit of a competitive analysis and take a look at how your competitors are ranking with their domain authority are? How they're trending? how many back links they have all that type of things, give you an idea of where you are in the competitive space.

Or if you read between the lines, that quite simply means are your competitors investing in SEO more than you and therefore they're ranking higher than you? And what can you do to catch up? So it's a couple of tools that are super important for running SEO audit, so make sure you have access to them. So Google Search Console is one. Google Analytics helps to understand the traffic and everything. The Google Search Console is the one that you really want to have access to is gonna show you where you're how you're performing in search results and where you're actually, your site is actually getting pulled from keywords and search groups. So they you have it, that is an SEO audit. Now, if you don't know how to do an SEO audit, that's perfectly fine.

You probably shouldn't, if you're a business owner, you should be focusing on the things that actually make you money, not sitting in front of a computer, and figuring out how to run an SEO audit. Leave that up to people like us. So if you click the link below or just send us a message, we'll be able to run an audit on your website for you, we'll send you across a comprehensive report that talks you through exactly how your performing search engines now where you can do to improve? What keywords you're ranking for? What keywords you ain't ranking for? What keywords you should probably consider ranking for, as well as all the on page of page and technical stuff that you should be concerned with.

So then go ahead, send us a message or get the SEO audit done for you as soon as possible.

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