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Instagram Influencer Report
Instagram Influencer Report
Instagram Influencer Report

Instagram Influencer Report

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Great insightful report!

It shows everything we were looking for, turns out the influencer we were working with had under 30% authenticity of followers, we will definitely use this in the near future again!

Start with our audit service that makes advertising with bloggers simpler and more effective. Find out which bloggers will yield results and who will not bring sales or subscribers.

Audience gender, city and country

Find out the demographics of the subscribers and accounts that like the blogger or influencer

Subscribers and subscriptions grow

Find out how and why a blogger’s subscribers grows

Audience’s interests

Compare your audience’s interests with those of the influencer that you want to buy advertising from

Audience type

Check the blogger’s account for inflation and fake followers

Author’s comments

Check how the blogger replies to comments and how closely they are in contact with their followers

Short comments

Check how the audience are engaged in the content – e.g. short comments indicate a low degree of interest, or contests

Likes spread

Immediately check for prize draws, competitions and inflation of likes or comments

Percentage of likes from subscribers.

Find out the level of outreach the blogger receives from their subscribers

Advertising in mentions

Find out who the influencer is advertising for and how often
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